Ankit Taneja

Freelance Salesforce Professional

I am an experienced Salesforce Developer / Analyst / Architect: Basically, I am your one-stop shop when it comes to Salesforce. I have been freelancing since 2015 and over the years I have worked on many projects of different shapes and sizes where every time I was given a different title. In the end, my goal is to help your business units (sales/service/marketing/etc.) achieve highest level of success by improving and automating your business process' using Salesforce.

I produce high quality solutions for my clients that are both well performing and well tested. Lately, I work more in a Product Owner / Architect role where I am responsible for gathering requirements, designing / architecting soutions and ensuring timely delivery of the projects. While most of my work happens within Salesforce, every now and then I also use other technology stacks such as AWS, Firebase, etc., to build the appropriate solution(s) for my clients.

I have also had the honor of co-leading the Berlin Salesforce Developer User Group for the last few years. In my freetime, I do a podcast and blog about entrepreneurship in Salesforce cosmos at Forcepreneur.com. Since 2021, I also host a second podcast called WirSindOhana. It's again a Salesforce podcast (surprise!) but in German language. Please check them out.

Lastly, if you want to get started as a freelancer in the Salesforce ecosystem, check out my course on SalesforceBen: Start a Salesforce freelacing business.

Salesforce recently awarded me the MVP status for 2023. I am deeply honored and humbled by this recognition. Thank you!

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Please contact me if you want a PDF version of my CV.
  1. Freelance Salesforce Developer / Business Analyst / Project Manager
    company Self-employed
    location Berlin, Germany
    1. Analyze client’s business requirements and processes through interviews, workshops and document analysis.
    2. Create user stories, then split them into features and sub-tasks. Hence, crafting a roadmap.
    3. Negotiating budget and timelines with stakeholders.
    4. Planning and executing feature sprints with internal and / or external teams. Also participating as a developer as and when need arises.
    5. Creating new Objects, Fields, Flows, Process’, Email Templates, etc. to help ease the business flow.
    6. Developing new solutions using Apex, Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, JavaScript as well as other technologies.
    7. Conduct 5+ levels of testing including functional, regression, user acceptance, security and performance to verify the client’s needs are met.
    8. Designing, developing as well as helping clients with security reviews before listing apps on Salesforce AppExchange.
    9. Prepare documentation: Training presentations, User handbooks, Process documentation, etc.
    01/2015 - till date
  2. success
    Technical Co-founder
    company MRM - MobileResourceManagement GmbH
    location Darmstadt / Berlin, Germany
    1. Led teams across broad technical and business disciplines. Focused technical teams on business objectives and tracked progress to ensure project milestones were completed on time, on budget and with the desired results.
    2. Developed two apps for Salesforce AppExchange. Participated from Ideation, planning through security review and successful launch on the app store.
    3. Consulted various clients on how to get the best out of their Salesforce system.
    4. Organized weekly calls to update stakeholders about the progress. Developed, detailed project road maps, release schedules, reports and dashboard for the same.
    5. Gave presentations and took part in hackathons at the local and foreign user group to raise awareness about the company.
    6. Defined processes and tools best suited to each project after careful analysis of available technologies.
    7. Created detailed project road maps, release schedules, etc.
    8. Perform code reviews and explain concepts to junior developers. Act as final checkpoint before any release.
    9. Managing the IT Budget and resource planning. Negotiating deals with vendors.
    10. Contributed to the development team by writing code in Apex, Visualforce and JavaScript.
    04/2012 - 12/2014
  3. success
    Research Assistent
    company Fraunhofer Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie
    location Darmstadt, Germany
    1. Architected and developed a Multimedia Forensic Tool, capable of recovering files from a disk image and perform further analysis.
    2. Prepared IT security challenges and respective documentation for Cloud Security Lab contest & successfully organized 6th European Trusted Infrastructure Summer School with other members of my team.
    3. Published the research work at 46th AES Conference on Audio Forensics.
    05/2011 - 03/2012
  4. success
    Team Lead - Operations
    company iYogi Technical Services
    location Gurgaon (now Gurugram), India
    1. Managed call center operations of various clients (Computer Associates (CA), McAfee, AVAST).
    2. Supervised a team of technical specialists/consultants, ensuring delivery, meeting all parameters, within the boundaries of the Service Level Agreement.
    3. Helping the client improve IT security products by providing constant feedback.
    4. Organizing IT Security workshops for employees along with client and external partners.
    05/2009 - 03/2011


Programming Languages & Tools
Node Js
VueJs 💛
checkMobile-First, Responsive Design
checkCross Browser Testing & Debugging
checkCross Functional teams
checkAgile Developement & Scrum
checkCutting edge Javascript frameworks


  1. GHD GesundHeits GmbH Deutschland
    location Ahrensburg, Germany
    GHD provides home-delivery of medical supplies to patients with acute conditions. They are going through a digital transformation of all their business process'. Salesforce is becoming the central system for all their customer interactions and orders. My role as an Architect is to understand their current business process' spread across legacy systems and transform them into seamless digital process' within their Salesforce org. Apart from that, I also lead a team of Developers & Consultants. My job is also to assist them as and when need arises plus ensuring all best practices are followed. Lastly, we do have external implementation partners. I work as a liaison and act as the door-keeper to ensure only quality stuff enters into the org.
    1. Health Cloud
    2. Commerce CLoud
    3. Sales Cloud
    4. Service Cloud
    5. Mulesoft Integration
    06/2021 - Present
  2. Salesforce.com Germany GmbH
    location Berlin, Germany
    Worked for the Customer Success Group team. Previous Architect had to leave urgently due to family issues hence, had to jump right in the middle of the project and hit the ground running. Helped install and implement Health Cloud at the end-customer. Also assited with Sales and Service cloud implementations. Connected Salesforce to Mulesoft via custom API's as the standard connector was not enough for the job.
    1. Health Cloud
    2. Sales Cloud
    3. Service Cloud
    4. Mulesoft Integration
    05/2021 - 08/2021
  3. Smaato Inc.
    location Hamburg, Germany
    Smaato is a Mobile Advertising company using Salesforce in all major business units namely, Sales, Service and Marketing (Formely Hubspot now Pardot). My role was to assist the client in getting the most of the system. Over many years, several improvements and additions were made to business process' / integrations to ensure smooth flow of work for employees
    1. Sales Cloud
    2. Service Cloud
    3. Hubspot Integration
    4. REST API
    5. Automated Email Responses
    05/2014 - 12/2018
  4. Alfred H. Schütte GmbH & Co. KG
    location Cologne, Germany
    The client is a major player in custom machines built for manufacturing companies all across the world. They implemented Salesforce for their Field Service team who were now equipped with a tablet (previously they carried pen / paper). My task was to migrate all offline process' to online and integrate Service cloud with SAP for fast and efficient invoice generation.
    1. Service Cloud
    2. SAP Integration
    3. Mobile App
    4. Functional Offline App
    05/2013 - 12/2014
  5. Solvemate GmbH
    location Berlin, Germany
    Solvemate are a pioneers in offering chatbots which use machine learning to assist with advanced customer service. I created an app to connect a customers Salesforce and Solvemate systems to enable better sharing of data. The app is pending security review but can be used as an un-managed package.
    1. Service Cloud
    2. Salesforce App
    3. AppExchange
    05/2013 - 12/2014
  6. General Salesforce Implementations
    location Berlin / Hamburg, Germany
    Over the years, I have helped many customers get the best out of their Salesforce system. I sometimes worked in a team, but most of the time it was just me. My tasks usually revolved around gathering requirements, write Apex classes, creating Lightning Web Components, improving existing code, testing, releasing. The concerned products were mostly Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot. It will be not possible to write them all but here are some honorable mentions.
    1. DHL Express Germany GmbH
    2. Coca-Cola Deutschland
    3. Zalando AG
    4. eBay Deutschland(Mobile.de)
    5. KitchenAdvisor GmbH
    05/2012 - Present


  1. Bachelor In Commerce

    Delhi University
  2. Masters In Information Technology

    Sikkim Manipal University


  1. Salesforce Certified Application Architect

    Certified Application Architects have a deep understanding of native Salesforce features and functionality. They're also experts at modeling a role hierarchy, data, and appropriate sharing mechanisms.
  2. Salesforce Certified Data Architect

    Certified Data Architects are experts at designing sound, scalable, high-performing solutions on the Salesforce Platform that are tailored for enterprise data management.
  3. Salesforce Certified Plaform App Builder

    Certified Platform App Builders have the skills and knowledge to design, build, and implement custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the Salesforce Platform.
  4. Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect

    Certified Sharing and Visibility Designers are fluent in designing sound, scalable, and high-performing technical solutions on the Salesforce Platform that meet sharing and visibility security requirements.
  5. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

    Certified Platform Developer I (PDI) developers understand how to develop and deploy custom business logic and custom interfaces using the programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform. They know when to use declarative versus programmatic methods, and can extend the Lightning Platform using Apex and Visualforce.

Talks and Presentations

  1. Level up your Salesforce CLI with Gulp

    Londons Calling 2020, Virtual / London, United Kingdom - 03/2020
    If you are an automation junkie like us and are looking for ways to boost your productivity, in this talk we will show you how to create an SFDX plugin with Gulp in it. Co-speaker: Sebastian Bresin
  2. Behind Every Device is a Customer

    YeurDreamin 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 06/2019
    IoT provides an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to add value to their bottom line, improve customer satisfaction and other KPIs. Click the title and watch the video to learn more about how to connect IoT devices to Salesforce.
  3. Time Out – A Lightning component that gives you a break and makes you a Coffee!

    FrenchTouchDreamin 2018, Paris, France - 11/2018
    In this talk, I talked about Time Out, a Lightning Component which helps you in keeping healthy by reminding to take breaks at regular intervals. That’s not all, when connected to your coffee machine, you can order your coffee from your seat and enjoy it with some fresh air. This was a Proof of Concept talk to demonstrate the various possibilities of Utility Bar and IoT cloud.